Markus Hünemörder

ONLINE-FORTBILDUNG: „I Can’t Breathe“: Contemporary Race Relations in the US

Am 25.02.2021 wird über das ILF im Online-Campus die Veranstaltung „I Can’t Breathe“: Contemporary Race Relations in the US“ angeboten.

Ausrichtung und Zielstellung der Veranstaltung:

This online-seminar examines race relations in the United States today with a specific focus on the situation of African Americans and the recent controversies over police violence. Were the great achievements of the civil rights movement in the 1960s in vain? What is the social and economic situation of racial minorities in the early 21st century? Is class as much a factor in today’s problems as race? What role does the extremely fragmented organization of police forces in the US play? What are the political implications and consequences of recent conflicts? We will look at these and other questions. As much as possible, political humor and satire will help lighten up these grim topics.

Dr. Markus Hünemörder is an adjunct lecturer for American History at the University of Munich.
After Dr. Hünemörder’s presentation, there will be room for questions, an exchange of ideas, and some practical input on how to implement the issues addressed by Dr. Hünemörder in the classroom. Dr. Gerardine Pereira (ILF Saarbrücken) will moderate this latter part.

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Veranstaltungsdaten zur ILF-Veranstaltung:

Termin: 25.02.2021, 14:30 – 17:30 Uhr

ILF-Nr.: 21i274001

Ort: Online-Campus

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