Artificial intelligence – Machines like me

Artificial intelligence – Machines like me

Ian McEwan’s Machines like me (2019) seems like an ideal starting point to arouse interest in the issues of artificial intelligence and consciousness, machine ethics and social robotics. But it is also a book about moral choice and what it means to be human. Thus, to prepare for our literary discussion, participants are kindly requested to read the latest work of the British author.

Current topics like artificial intelligence, social robotics, virtual reality and trans-humanism offer a wide range of perspective for discussion in the EFL classroom. These issues bring together the arts and the sciences and evoke challenging moral questions.

After an introduction into the fundamental principles of machine learning and the development of artificial intelligence, we will discuss possible future scenar-ios and moral questions looking at scientific publications, extracts from video clips, film and literature.

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Termin: 28.04.2020

ILF-Nr.: 20i204101

Ort: Forum Vinzenz Pallottistraße 3, 56179 Vallendar

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Lisa Kupczik

Lisa Kupczik